OneClick Financial uses data you already have to create Touchpoints which are the cornerstone of providing the right information at the right time for each individual account holder.

Welcome / Onboarding

Instantly Welcome new account holders with a rich and relevant experience that demonstrates you appreciate them and their unique needs.

Cross Sell Additional Product & Services

Based on your data we know which products and services to offer the account holder supported by educational material, testimonials, and tools to move them forward easily and quickly.


OneClick retargets account holders based on their individual behaviors and engagement actions with richer more relevant content and tools to move them deeper into the sales funnel.

Time Triggers and Seasonality

Time sensitive events or activities that effect the account holder including loan and CD maturity as well as season driven needs.

Realtime Pre-Approval and Prequalification

Account holders expect instant gratification provide it with real-time pre-approval or prequalification for a new credit card or loan.

Ad hoc

Content with a specific purpose such as branch opening, disaster, or other important topics.

Thank You

For product or service adoptions or account anniversary providing an opportunity to communicate with account holders and let them know your care.


Reduce over-communicating with constant emails that are not relevant to the account holder. Consolidate messaging and provide meaningful information by using an eNewsletter to inform and promote your latest news and offers.