Building Relationships Digitally with Account Holders

Our Patented Digital Engagement and Loyalty Platform, OneClick Financial, generates a personal experience for every individual account holder with relevant and informative content and functionality at relevant engagement points during their financial institution relationship. It puts tools like calculators, schedulers, educational materials, and helpful articles at their fingertips along with relevant offers designed for them. The content and functionality are dynamic, targeted, and automated. And don't worry, we do all the heavy lifting, no need for additional staff.

Creating the One to One Digital Dialog

Digital banking is your new lobby door. Anytime an account holder accesses their account online or seeks information on your site, it's an opportunity to create a dialog with them. With data, insights, and dynamic models, a financial institution can deepen the relationship with each of their account holders. OneClick Financial's digitally curated personal experiences provide the opportunity to create a supportive digital financial environment to ensure they stay loyal to you and adopt more products and services.

Proven ROI

The results are in, and they are exceptional! OneClick Financial has the unique ability to track engagement at an individual account holder level because of our patented technology. OneClick provides a 360-degree view of each individual, and tracks and stores their interactions and behaviors.   These interactions and behaviors are scored and provided instantly to the financial institution in the form of a lead. Each lead is tracked by individual account holder, and an ROI is provided based upon their product and service adoption. OneClick has demonstrated tremendous value and great success by generating millions of dollars in interest and other product and service revenue for our financial services clients. launch.