We understand that one size does not fit all situations. To provide our clients’ with even more innovative solutions we have formed strategic relationships with industry partners and experts to enhance and build upon the personal experiences we deliver. We have developed these partnerships based upon the unique capabilities of each organization to make it easier to set up and support more robust relevant contextually rich personal experiences for account holders.

Auto Link

Auto Link offers a best-in-class solution for financial institutions to take control of the shift to digital by connecting with your borrowers early in their vehicle search and in control of your loan pipeline, making you more successful and profitable with the auto-lending program, including those that do indirect auto financing. OneClick Financial integrates seamlessly with Auto Link to deliver relevant experiences using our patented data-driven platform that provides personalization to account holders.

Jack Henry and Associates (JHA) provides a broad variety of products and services to the financial services industry. ChannelNet formed a strategic partnership with JHA to enable a financial service firm to easily embed OneClick Financial personal experiences for account holders in Banno brand websites, as well as online and mobile banking. In addition, JHA’s core system data can easily be consumed by OneClick Financial via a CSV file provided by the financial institution.

Jack Henry and Associates

To help financial institutions that have a relationship with Experian stay competitive in a digital-first world, OneClick Financial provides an integration with Experian’s PowerCurve® decisioning solutions. This enables the account holder to obtain a real time decision on any product that requires a credit approval process. The goal is to create relevant interaction that speeds up the decisioning process and drive more loan adoption.

LoanPASS provides the financial services industry with a powerful, customizable, and fast rules-based digital lending platform across all lending verticals for pricing, eligibility, and underwriting decisions. LoanPASS uses the lending criteria and guidelines of each individual lending department, putting them in control with the ability to make changes on the fly. OneClick Financial integrates seamlessly with LoanPASS, so the account holder can find out payment and rate amounts instantly and get pre-approved for any type of loan.


WithClutch is a fintech platform that allows consumers to refinance high-interest loans through a digitally enabled and frictionless process. By embedding the WithClutch process into the OneClick Financial platform each account holder will receive a contextually rich, relevant, and interactive experience. The goal is to encourage the account holder to take advantage of lower interest rates on existing loans, which in turn helps the financial services firm significantly increase share of wallet.

Analytic Marketing is a data strategy and advanced analytics company that enables financial services firms to better understand their account holders based on segmentation, propensity, and persona modeling at a financial household level. ChannelNet consumes Analytics Marketing data modeling and combines it with the institutions internal core data so communications with account holders is highly relevant and personal. The result is not just insights but the ability to execute well-crafted and individual digital experiences.

Analytic Marketing

Engageware is a provider of support solutions that deliver a better online self-service experience for account holders online while reducing contact center calls. OneClick Financial integrates seamlessly with Engageware to offer Chatbot, Search and Frequently Asked Question results across all personal experience and digital touchpoints generated by OneClick.

To help financial institutions that have a relationship with Equifax stay competitive in a digital-first world, OneClick Financial provides an integration with Equifax InterConnect platform for decisioning. This enables the account holder to obtain a real time decision on any product that requires a credit approval process. The goal is to create relevant interaction that speeds up the decisioning process and drives more loan adoption.


Corelation is a provider of core processing solutions for credit unions. KeyStone includes transaction processing, share and loan servicing, member business servicing, loan origination, accounts payable, collections, real-time general ledger, CRM, relationship-based pricing, scripting, open API, business intelligence, along with many other features. OneClick Financial consumes data from Keystone via a CVS file that fuels the personal experiences for credit union members. OneClick Financial also offers two-way real-time integration with Keystone via the open APIs.

POPi/o offers a video banking solution that enables financial services companies to hold secure video meetings to present products and services sign documents all from the comfort of the account holders’ home or office. POPi/o can be provided in branch for remote employees, as well as online and in a mobile banking app. OneClick Financial embeds POPi/o in personal experiences for account holders to gain instant access to the department, branch or contact center that can best to address their needs and goals.


Coconut provides real-time appointment scheduling between an account holder and the internal personnel at a financial services firm that can help them accomplish their goals. OneClick Financial integrates Coconut Software’s scheduling software to make it easier and faster for the account holder to get the help they need within the context of their personal experience.

Whether it’s strategy, tactics, or both, Conotext has the knowledge and experience to effectively build a unique plan for your financial institution to remain relevant and competitive in today’s digital banking environment. Conotext specializes in building a strategy and the tactics to create value for account holders. They also develop account holder acquisition strategies via digital channels. OneClick Financial partners with Conotext to assist financial services clients with a variety of digital services.


Vidyard helps financial services firms create personal video to help change the way they connect and communicate with account holders. In today’s digital first world it is critical to humanize communications in a way that enhances offers and provides a personal welcome for new account holders. OneClick Financial seamlessly integrates these personal video experiences to deliver to account holders.

Thrive Strategic Services helps credit unions better understand how to use and leverage their data. Thrive’s services include defining a member-centric data strategy, identify new sources of revenue, identify sources of disruption, reduce member friction, building a data consuming culture, establish a data governance foundation, and launch data journey. Thrive and ChannelNet work together to educate credit unions on the use of data to drive personalization and relevancy for members.


MEA Financial provides software solutions to financial services industry. Those solutions include Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Text Banking & Alerts, Online Account Opening, Cash Management, Text Service, Voice Banking (IVR) and Personnel Voice Assistant Banking. OneClick Financial integrates via APIs and other methods with any of the solutions offered by MEA to further enhance and leverage a financial service firms personal experiences for account holders.

CuneXus provides financial institutions with pre-approved consumer loans of any type to qualified existing account holders. OneClick Financial consumes the CuneXus data on the pre-qualified loan, which is delivered along with other relevant content in a contextually rich personal experience for the account holders that are qualified.


NXTsoft is the market leader in secure, comprehensive, and complete workflow API connectivity, connecting Fintech companies to financial services firms. NXTsoft's products and services help businesses secure, connect and optimize their data to maximize revenue opportunities and enhance profitability. OneClick Financial, using NXTsoft API integrations, can interface in real time to any 3rd party system in the financial services industry.

StrategyCorps enables financial institutions to offer a value-added checking product to account holders. BaZing is StrategyCorps mobile app that delivers discounted products and services as part of the account holders checking experience to differentiate an institution’s checking offering from competitors. OneClick Financial assists via personal experiences to help drive adoption of BaZing and further cross sell additional products and services for the institution.