OneClick Financial Delivering The Personal Experience

Financial service leaders recognize that technology transformation leads to a significant competitive advantage. ChannelNet is a leader in technological innovation and speed to market for that competitive advantage. OneClick Financial is a powerful data-driven platform created by ChannelNet for enterprise financial companies that has been packaged for smaller Financial Institutions. It provides the experience that digital savvy account holders demand.

OneClick Financial uses patented technology to generate Individual Digital Personal Experiences through dynamic content, functionality and branding to provide a holistic, relevant, and automated experience for each account holder.

Data Success - Household Financial Profiles

Understanding your account holders' journey is much more complex, especially when you add in personas, segments, and product fit. OneClick Financial can augment your core data with 3rd party data to define the account holder at a household level.

Propensity, Personas, Predictive Adoption and Behavioral Insights are easily identified and applied to the functionality to drive relevant content. It can combine these with Life Events, Actions Taken and Maturity Dates to enable the platform to provide a targeted, relevant digital experiences.

Engagement Delivery Channels

It's critical to leverage personal account holder experiences across all your delivery channels. Wherever your account holders access your products and services via OneClick Financial, they'll be immersed in their own personal digital experience. It's best if you embed these personal experiences in your brand website, online, and mobile banking. Additionally, you can use email, text messaging, and direct mail with a QR code to further ensure each account holder is provided with their unique personal experience. Dynamic relevant content and functionality is delivered automatically through data responses and triggers we work with you to establish. Our team works with you to curate content, functionality, and tools from all your channels that are already approved by legal and compliance. Bottom line: We help you leverage and repurpose all your existing assets in an all-new relevant digital experience for each account holder, according to their needs.


There's something to be said for variety. But too much of a good thing creates more effort for account holders than it saves. We expect account holders to go to YouTube to see video, go to calculators on your website to figure out their monthly payment and then apply online and so on... Frankly, we still expect busy account holders to weave together the information necessary to simply do business with your bank or credit union.

OneClick Financial uses curated legally compliant content, functionality, and tools from all your existing sources to deliver a focused, streamlined digital experience for each account holder. We leverage your existing promotions, offers, education material, blogs, white papers, video, events, testimonials, credit applications, calculators, tools, and other resources into a relevant experience so what is needed to make an informed decisions are at the account holders’ fingertips. The curated content presented is based on your core data and what we have learned through their interactions and behaviors with their personal experiences over time.



OneClick Financial uses data to drive dynamic, relevant content, functionality, and tools for unique account holder experiences. We have use cases available out of the box for everything from welcoming a new account holder to retargeting someone that indicates they're retiring, buying a new home, getting married, etc. We also develop use cases based on your needs. If you want to provide real time pre-qualification or loan approval, we'll build out that use case for you in less than a day. Our goal is to provide the right information, at the right time, for each individual account holder based upon his or her interactions, behaviors, and other relevant data.


In the past, financial services firms relied on branch personnel to dialog with account holders in person to understand their life events and needs. But recent studies show that the average account holder today only visits a branch once a year! A digital dialog is essential today.

We use our digital engagement platform to create an omnichannel experience and instantly deliver leads to the department, branch, or call center experts that can help the account holder reach their objectives. We track each interaction and behavior, score it based upon where the account holder is in the sales funnel and provide that lead instantly. Leads are delivered directly to your CRM, by email, text, or via a report to multiple departments for distribution so the best person internally is informed and prepared to engage the account holder.

“Not responding or responding slowly… is no different than ignoring a member that walks into a branch.” — 5Point FCU


Because we track every interaction to the account holder level, we deliver daily reports of customers' and members' interactions and behaviors, so your internal resources can follow up. For example, an account holder indicated on our NPS survey they had a bad experience adopting a new product or service. We instantly send that information to you so an appropriate internal resource can reach out to them and learn more about improving the overall experience. This demonstrates that you care about your account holders! We also provide detailed performance metrics and ROI reports monthly.

Our managed services team also provides a complete picture of the platform’s performance monthly, quarterly, and annually. Our goal is to demonstrate how OneClick Financial has benefitted your financial institution’s growth and account holder engagement. We also use the analytics to highlight new opportunities for improvement and new insights for our clients.

Concierge Service

We can use your own curated content for a simple and easy set up that follows your brand guidelines.

With many concierge options including doing it for you, we can have the personal experience for each individual account holder up and running in a matter of weeks.

Supported by a strategic multi-disciplinary team who are with you at every turn throughout the partnership.

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  • Content Consultation
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  • Copywriting & Editing
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • Scheduled Sunrise & Sunset
  • Business Rule Implementation
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